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Scott Shu-kun Cao

Scott Shu-kun Cao is listed among the best-known contemporary violin makers in the world. His instruments are currently in the hands of soloists, famous professional players and collectors. For their tonal quality, Scott's instruments are renowned. Among makers, Scott's violins are said to not only project a beautiful sound but are also aesthetically superior.

He is one of the most famous violin makers in the world. His instruments are renowned for their superior tone, great sound projection, and elegance. In the past 15 years, he has won quite a few international violin-making competition awards. Five out of six times, Scott's instruments were awarded "tone prize" by the International Competition Committee of Violin Society of America.

For the past ten years, Scott has been devoting himself to not only the study of world famous violin models but to making copies of them. As an experienced luthier, Scott can tailor his instruments to meet the tonal preference and requirements of special players.

In recent years, more and more internationally renowned string players and collectors have set high values on Mr Scott Cao's instruments. Many of them own and collect Scott's violins. Ithzak Perlman, one of the greatest violinist in the world, highly praised Scott as "one of the best makers I have met". Moreover, Gidon Kremer, Nigel Kennedy, Misha Maisky, Lin Yaoji, Sheng Zhongguo, Yu Lina, Bin Huang and Xie Nan own and use Scott's violins for their concerts.

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